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6 February 2017 | By Ruth Speakman

KCOM recognised by Cisco as top customer care partner for EMEAR in FY16

Our partnership with Cisco continues to flourish with this latest award win


27 December 2016 | By Darryl Beckford

Beyond the hierarchy - Organisation 3.0 demystified

Discover how embracing the principles behind holarchies can have a transformative effect on your call centre operations and increase success…


20 December 2016 | By Darryl Beckford

Hollowing out the professions: Defining the future of work

Operational and support roles in IT are set to disappear in a world of cloud computing and machine learning, but this is one labour market t…


13 December 2016 | By Stu Smith

APIs: Who owns the complexity?

Building new distributed systems is understandably complex. So who's responsible for success?


13 December 2016 | By Darryl Beckford

The contact centre revolution will be collaborative!

Contact centre teams around the world are working in more joined-up ways, thanks to the benefits of collaborative technologies.


6 December 2016 | By Darryl Beckford

The dictatorship of the millennials? Talent management 3.0

Millennials with the right skills are in great demand. But is there really a generational divide?


30 November 2016 | By Ruth Speakman

KCOM achieves AWS Public Sector Partner status

Another chapter begins in our longstanding relationship with AWS.


29 November 2016 | By Darryl Beckford

The new flat business - did IT lead the way?

More and more businesses are breaking down traditional hierarchical structures in favour of ‘flat structures’. What benefits does this appro…


22 November 2016 | By Darryl Beckford

Organisation 3.0 for IT leaders - Live the dream or die alone

In today’s increasingly digital world, where technology underpins all aspects of the customer experience, the CIO has a critical role to pla…


17 November 2016 | By Kouros Roshanzamir

3 critical concepts when dealing with bots

In his latest blog, Kouros Roshanzamir explores the possibilities of chat bots.


15 November 2016 | By Jonathan Jenkyn

A user's guide to cryptography - part four

KCOM's security guru Jonathan Jenkyn tackles cryptography in a six part blog series.


11 November 2016 | By Darryl Beckford

6 Key Attributes of Organisation 3.0

Discover how the flexibility of Organisation 3.0 helps businesses succeed in today's fast-moving, unpredictable world.

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