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12 July 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

CX Strategy vs Contact Centre Strategy

Is IT leading, following or does it need to get out of the way?


6 July 2017 | By Wayne Stallwood

Harnessing convergence for best practice: Immutable Infrastructure as Code (IIAC), CI/CD, GIT and Chef

The use of cloud computing gives businesses many benefits, from greater forms of agility, to widespread cost savings. But this is just the b…


26 June 2017 | By Wayne Stallwood

Providing large-scale, secure escrow data processing for Sky UK

KCOM helped Sky UK and a customer of theirs to process huge volumes of data on AWS in escrow conditions


19 June 2017 | By Wayne Stallwood

Big data solution hosted on AWS provides improved business agility for Haven Power

KCOM helped Haven Power to design, build and deploy a repeatable big data solution hosted on AWS


8 June 2017 | By Andy Cory

Three benefits of well-deployed IAM – and one not so obvious one

Why are organisations so interested in Identity and Access Management (IAM)? What is it about the framework that means IAM is being increasi…


6 June 2017 | By Stu Smith

APIs: Owning the complexity

Building new distributed systems is understandably complex, but how can you get it all for 'free' and do it quicker than ever before?


17 May 2017 | By Jason Oliver

The ultimate guide to citizen transactions in the modern era

The government's digital agenda is driving cost savings in the public sector, requiring some specific ingredients to succeed: scalability, i…


9 May 2017 | By Cathy Phillips

Data-driven agility – recent posts you might have missed

In case you missed them, here’s a rundown of recent KCOM posts covering the data innovations that are giving forward-thinking organisations …


2 May 2017 | By Darryl Beckford

Is big data fake news - Or is there a single source of truth?

What does truth really mean when it comes to business data? And can there ever be a single version of a single truth?


25 April 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

From sales to contact centres - The value of data analytics across your business

Discover how business data analytics is transforming the workflows and processes of key company departments.


18 April 2017 | By Darryl Beckford

Data analytics in the cloud - Why insights don't just fall out of the sky

How to turn business data and customer feedback into useful insights to help grow your business


11 April 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

The battle for your business data - What's at stake for your organisation?

Business data is a significant asset, and the trend towards cloud-based ecosystems is pushing organisations to consider how to get more valu…

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