Kcom’s High-5 Connected Thoughts

November 16th, 2010 Author: Barry Cutts
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1. It’s not as long as you think

Just five years ago, Peter Kay miming the Tony Christie’s hit was the biggest selling single in the UK.  Doesn’t it seem like an eternity ago to you? That’s how fast things move.
Everything will change in the next five years. We won’t talk about real-time connectivity anymore because it will just be. Top of the tips for IT and ICT decision makers everywhere IS TO BE READY FOR IT NOW.

2. A little knowledge is the most powerful thing in the enterprise

What’s ‘dangerous’ now is not being able to access that gem of wisdom when somebody needs it. The critical input from knowledge workers elsewhere in the organisation that can make or break a customer decision – in real-time- and can make all the competitive difference between an impressive response and a lacklustre performance. Start thinking about how these individuals can be accessed at all times through collaboration and communication technologies.

3. The phone arranger

As multiple devices are spreading throughout organisations, it’s time to jump one step ahead of the hardware and make sure the connections that it can make possible are easy. Make it so that customers, or those dependant on your organisation, can call just one number and the call gets where it needs to get. No message taking or calling back or “are you still holding caller?”. That is so yesterday, and the network can really empower the organisation to be so, well, tomorrow.

4. Unified Communications

Desktop phone, mobile, Smartphone, soft phone, pager, beeper…give them all one identity. It’s a fluid world and getting more so. More demanding customers, with more choice and more discretion and easier access themselves to instantaneity. The organisation can answer this behaviour and answer its customers’ needs with Unified Communications but it needs to watch the trends. In the next five years staff will be dedicated to their own choice of communications medium, arriving at the job already equipped. They will expect the organisation to accommodate personal device choices, including iPads, iPhones, Blackberry’s and laptops through its network. The organisation’s infrastructure will need the flexibility to offer connectivity on this basis.

5. Can we fix it?

Just ten years ago, Bob the Builder was the biggest selling single of the year.
Times change; phew.

“Is this the way to Amarillo?” Five things to keep top of mind for the next five years3.052

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