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21 February 2019 | By Wayne Stallwood

Has GDPR put the brakes on automotive innovation?

How companies can support innovation and data privacy


19 February 2019 | By James Schofield

Retailing lags in the innovation race, KCOM reveals

Multi-industry poll finds retailers are less likely to prioritise digital transformation and spend on innovation projects


12 February 2019

Innovation constrained by lack of support, budget and skills, KCOM reveals

Survey shows organisations plan to overcome stakeholder skepticism and resource shortages with strong investment in people


6 February 2019 | By Eddie Ginja

Careful collaboration is the key to public sector cloud success

The public sector is seeking a way to deliver improved services to its citizens, while simultaneously cutting the cost to the public purse.


6 February 2019 | By Stephen Long OBE

Follow the leader – how businesses can make a success of innovation

There’s truth in the saying that every successful project needs a leader; a champion who, through their vision and influential personality, …


6 February 2019 | By Tom Holliday

It’s time for financial services to trust their tech providers

The financial services industry has found itself unprepared for the technology revolution that has seen a new breed of challengers emerge.

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