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19 September 2019 | By Gavin Brown

PSD2 deadline: don't just comply, succeed!

A roundup of recent coverage of comments from Gavin Brown, Head of Identity at KCOM, relating to the deadline for PSD2 compliance.


19 February 2019 | By James Schofield

Retailing lags in the innovation race, KCOM reveals

Multi-industry poll finds retailers are less likely to prioritise digital transformation and spend on innovation projects


8 December 2017 | By Andy Cory

Much more than just security — the future of identity and access management

The IoT – redefining identity and access management


9 November 2017 | By Steve Meek

Discover the true power of the Cloud

KCOM’s highlights from the AWS Transformation Day


18 August 2017 | By Andy Cory

A common mistake in IAM deployments

Poorly defined user roles can derail your IAM project before it has even begun

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