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13 December 2017 | By Ruth Speakman

InterDigital chooses KCOM for Smart City IoT innovation

KCOM to develop and support the oneTRANSPORT ™ data marketplace, powered by the Chordant ™ platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure


8 December 2017 | By Andy Cory

Much more than just security — the future of identity and access management

The IoT – redefining identity and access management


9 November 2017 | By Steve Meek

Discover the true power of the Cloud

KCOM’s highlights from the AWS Transformation Day


18 August 2017 | By Andy Cory

A common mistake in IAM deployments

Poorly defined user roles can derail your IAM project before it has even begun


8 June 2017 | By Paul Dewar

Safely Connect Your Business with Secure APIs

CA and KCOM can make it easier and quicker to deliver new, secure services with API Management. Find out more about CA Technologies’ new web…


8 June 2017 | By Andy Cory

Three benefits of well-deployed IAM – and one not so obvious one

Why are organisations so interested in Identity and Access Management (IAM)? What is it about the framework that means IAM is being increasi…


1 June 2017 | By Wayne Stallwood

AWS Summit 2017

KCOM is proud to be supporting the AWS Summit on 28th June


26 May 2017 | By Andy Cory

IDM UK 2017

KCOM will be exhibiting alongside ForgeRock at the upcoming IDM UK event on 21st June


13 March 2017 | By Paul Dewar

Don't let security worries hold you back from the public cloud

The public cloud is coming of age. Is it time to question your assumptions about this maturing technology?


15 November 2016 | By KCOM Expert

A user's guide to cryptography - part four

KCOM's security guru Jonathan Jenkyn tackles cryptography in a six part blog series.


10 November 2016 | By Kouros Roshanzamir

APIs and trustful habits - part one

Kouros Roshanzamir continues his blog series on Digital Transformation. This week: embedding trust into your API strategy.

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