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9 May 2017 | By Cathy Phillips

Data-driven agility – recent posts you might have missed

In case you missed them, here’s a rundown of recent KCOM posts covering the data innovations that are giving forward-thinking organisations …


2 May 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

Is big data fake news - Or is there a single source of truth?

What does truth really mean when it comes to business data? And can there ever be a single version of a single truth?


25 April 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

From sales to contact centres - The value of data analytics across your business

Discover how business data analytics is transforming the workflows and processes of key company departments.


18 April 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

Data analytics in the cloud - Why insights don't just fall out of the sky

How to turn business data and customer feedback into useful insights to help grow your business


11 April 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

The battle for your business data - What's at stake for your organisation?

Business data is a significant asset, and the trend towards cloud-based ecosystems is pushing organisations to consider how to get more valu…


4 April 2017 | By Cathy Phillips

How data analytics can help manage peaks and troughs in your contact centre

Greater visibility of what’s happening in near real time will help you make the right decisions to optimise contact centre performance


21 March 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

Goldmine or leaking bucket – How valuable is your business data?

Big data has undoubted potential, but what’s its true value? Is business data a modern-day goldmine, or just an old-fashioned leaking bucket…

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