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16 August 2017 | By Tim Whitehead

Outcomes not capabilities

- how the IT RFP needs to change its focus


29 June 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

4 signs that the enterprise IT RFP procurement process is broken

Research shows that the IT RFP process does not reflect the modern, integrated approach needed to procure enterprise IT projects today


29 June 2017 | By Ellie Cornick

Enterprise IT RFP Procurement – Stifling innovation and the customer experience?

Is IT RFP procurement stifling innovation and the customer experience? A new KCOM report suggests that RFP processes are holding businesses …


21 June 2017 | By

IT RFPs undermine CIO innovation

KCOM’s analysis of IT RFPs has found that the success of enterprise IT projects is being thwarted by a procurement process that is no longer…

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