The way you work is changing. New opportunities and challenges are being created by digitisation, and this should provide you with new avenues to explore, new ways to improve customer experiences.

But it isn’t. Because IT procurement is still wedded to the idea of a traditional RFP – even though this process is no longer fit for purpose.

In the new KCOM report on Enterprise IT RFP, we discovered that only 39% of RFPs encourage innovation, only 41% of customer-facing RFPs actually measure the effects of new IT projects on the customer experience, and only 17% create a future-proof proposition.

The key findings of our report, which you can see for yourself in the following infographic, are clear.


The KCOM report’s analysis of the effects of Enterprise IT RFP procurement should provide you with food for thought when it comes to your ability to innovate and improve. By downloading The Enterprise IT RFP: New dogs, old tricks, you’ll discover that the whole Enterprise RFP procurement process is broken.

It’s not just customer experience which is being stifled – cloud-based collaboration, strategic ideas and forward planning are also suffering due to outdated IT RFP processes.

Fortunately, the report isn’t all doom and gloom. It will give you pointers to consider for your existing procurement processes – and potential changes you can make to deliver more efficient, creative and customer-centric IT solutions that will prepare your business for all of the opportunities to come.

Find out how you can stop the IT RFP processes from stifling your successes by downloading the full report

The Enterprise IT RFP: New dogs, old tricks?

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