Communications and IT services company KCOM today announced its selection as a partner within AWS’ (Amazon Web Services) Well-Architected Review programme. The programme enables authorised AWS Well-Architected partners to review and remediate customers’ critical workloads through a consistent and repeatable AWS framework. 

As AWS’s cloud continues to evolve, the release of new services and updates – over 1,300 last year – can improve the performance, cost, and security of organisations’ cloud service. Through AWS’ Well-Architected Reviews companies can receive advice on optimising their public cloud estates from advisors that are following specified design principles and other best practices for infrastructure architecture based on extensive of practical experience.

An AWS Well-Architected Review consists of five elements that are tested and remediated:

  • Operational excellence
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Performance efficiency
  • Cost optimisation

KCOM is one of a select few AWS Premier Consulting Partners in the UK qualified to conduct an AWS Well-Architected Review. The free review evaluates a company’s mission-critical architecture against current best practices and delivers recommendations, including remediation steps following a half day of onsite research to continuously improve workloads running in AWS. To mark the partnership, KCOM is also offering Well-Architected Review customers usage credits towards further AWS services highlighted in the review’s remediation plan.

KCOM selected as AWS Well-Architected Review partner

“It’s the equivalent of having an F1 pit team look over your saloon,” said Stephen Long, Enterprise EVP at KCOM. “There are very good reasons why you committed to that car and invested in the spec and features you needed at the time but a team of experts can look under the hood and quickly tell you how to improve efficiency, get a more comfortable ride and made the right adjustments for the future.  So it is with the public cloud.

“Our long-standing customer relationships are strengthened by our approach to working with customer teams to educate them on architectural best practices,” continued Long.

 “The Well-Architected Review takes that several steps further as our assessment of customers’ current, mission critical workloads allows them to operate reliable, secure, efficient and cost-effective systems in the cloud.”

The expertise, experience and levels of professional service consultancy required to run Well-Architected Reviews mean that KCOM can help its customers save money, pre-emptively mitigate security risks, and establish best practices for AWS migrations and re-architecture.

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