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19 September 2017 | By Wayne Stallwood

Cutting through the complexity of cloud migration

A successful cloud migration requires a firm strategy that must begin with service discovery and migration planning


24 August 2017 | By Wayne Stallwood

KCOM - Government cloud adoption

KCOM is helping public sector organisations take advantage of the cloud and drive their digital transformation.


18 August 2017 | By Andy Cory

A common mistake in IAM deployments

Poorly defined user roles can derail your IAM project before it has even begun


12 July 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

CX Strategy vs Contact Centre Strategy

Is IT leading, following or does it need to get out of the way?


6 July 2017 | By Wayne Stallwood

DevOps at KCOM - Harnessing convergence for best practice

The use of cloud computing gives businesses many benefits, from greater forms of agility, to widespread cost savings. But this is just the b…


26 June 2017 | By Wayne Stallwood

Providing large-scale, secure escrow data processing for Sky UK

KCOM helped Sky UK and a customer of theirs to process huge volumes of data on AWS in escrow conditions


19 June 2017 | By Wayne Stallwood

Big data solution hosted on AWS provides improved business agility for Haven Power

KCOM helped Haven Power to design, build and deploy a repeatable big data solution hosted on AWS


8 June 2017 | By Andy Cory

Three benefits of well-deployed IAM – and one not so obvious one

Why are organisations so interested in Identity and Access Management (IAM)? What is it about the framework that means IAM is being increasi…


6 June 2017 | By Stu Smith

APIs: Owning the complexity

Building new distributed systems is understandably complex, but how can you get it all for 'free' and do it quicker than ever before?


17 May 2017 | By Jason Oliver

The ultimate guide to citizen transactions in the modern era

What are the ingredients to successful digital first strategy?


9 May 2017 | By Cathy Phillips

Data-driven agility – recent posts you might have missed

In case you missed them, here’s a rundown of recent KCOM posts covering the data innovations that are giving forward-thinking organisations …

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