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16 August 2018 | By Stu Smith (Innovation and Development)

Doing it differently – public cloud contact centres

Customer experience is increasingly becoming the decisive differentiator between companies. They live or die based on how responsive they a…


31 July 2018 | By Ben Nicholson

Under the microscope: a deeper look at your cloud

To optimise your cloud, you should first discover what is holding it back


30 July 2018 | By Ben Nicholson

Accelerating Cloud Optimisation

What lessons can we learn in cloud optimisation from the pursuit for perfection in F1 engineering?


24 July 2018 | By Steve Mather

Legacy systems: goodbye seems to be the hardest word

It can be hard to say goodbye to your out-of-date servers, especially when they’ve been the focus of so much investment.


12 July 2018 | By Ruth Speakman

IoT in context - the motor industry

Check out this article and learn about the Internet of Things in the motor industry.


12 July 2018 | By Ruth Speakman

Water, water everywhere – and not a drop is measured in the cloud (yet).

Read about how it's time we brought the Internet of Things to the water industry.


14 May 2018 | By Nick Holmes

AWS Well-Architected

How to develop a Well-Architected Framework by using AWS best practices


23 March 2018 | By Stu Smith (Innovation and Development)

eGain expands European presence with UK cloud

Congratulations to eGain on the announcement of its new UK cloud capability.

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