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21 January 2020 | By Jason Oliver

KCOM at the Microsoft Ignite Tour at Excel London

If you’re asking yourself "what is Microsoft Ignite?" - according to Microsoft, it's the most comprehensive technology conference of the yea…


28 October 2019 | By Marc Farrow

Who said it couldn't be automated?

An outline of how KCOM's DevOps team transitioned from a lengthy, manual deployment of a customer application, to a more robust and efficien…


30 September 2019 | By Tom Mitchell

KCOM Streamlines the pipeline (in AWS)

The concept of a continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipeline is not a new one, for many it is the cornerstone of their DevOps trans…


19 September 2019 | By Gavin Brown

PSD2 deadline: don't just comply, succeed!

A roundup of recent coverage of comments from Gavin Brown, Head of Identity at KCOM, relating to the deadline for PSD2 compliance.


16 September 2019 | By Chris Cox

Changing face of Managed Services in a Cloud Contact Centre

The world of contact centres is starting to change. Traditional IT has seen a dramatic shift to the cloud over the last couple of years, but…


11 September 2019 | By Ajmal Mahmood

Personalising customer contact: a customer in need

When deployed carelessly, automation can erect a barrier between a company and its customers and deliver a diminished or unfair experience t…


3 September 2019 | By Ajmal Mahmood

Preparing employees for the future of customer contact

In the fast-moving new age of communication, what role does the call agent have? With the steady decline of call interactions and the emerge…


28 August 2019 | By Ajmal Mahmood

Omnichannel customer contact: the proof’s in the personalisation

Getting omnichannel right is a top priority. Customers have grown more demanding and they’ve never had more choice. If you can’t provide the…


20 August 2019 | By Ajmal Mahmood

Artificial intelligence in the contact centre: believe the hype?

Is AI worth the hype? Many organisations leap before they look, eager to chase the latest trend, but AI is like any technology investment an…


12 August 2019 | By Ian Sherring

Public cloud for public sector: making IT work for local authorities

Councils need to modernise their services so are trying to embrace new digital capabilities, but many don’t have the finance to invest in ne…


7 August 2019 | By Richard Latham

Just do it: Cloud migration the lift, shift and refactor way

Say ‘cloud’ and by now anyone in the tech sector – and a good few people outside it – will be able to rattle off the benefits. Security, sca…


6 August 2019 | By Ajmal Mahmood

How AI-driven contact can revolutionise your customer relationships

When we hear “AI”, we know we’re supposed to see it as the answer to any and all business problems, whatever the industry. However, there ar…

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