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8 December 2017 | By Andy Cory

Much more than just security — the future of identity and access management

The IoT – redefining identity and access management


18 August 2017 | By Andy Cory

A common mistake in IAM deployments

Poorly defined user roles can derail your IAM project before it has even begun


6 June 2017 | By Stu Smith

APIs: Owning the complexity

Building new distributed systems is understandably complex, but how can you get it all for 'free' and do it quicker than ever before?


17 May 2017 | By Jason Oliver

The ultimate guide to citizen transactions in the modern era

What are the ingredients to successful digital first strategy?


27 March 2017 | By Jason Oliver

Public sector to the public cloud

Opinion in the public sector has shifted from 'why cloud?' to 'why not cloud?'


10 January 2017 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

The human touch simplifying value of automation

How can companies harness the benefits of contact centre automation to deliver an integrated and seamless service to the customer while gett…


17 November 2016 | By Ajmal Mahmood

3 critical concepts when dealing with bots

In his latest blog, Kouros Roshanzamir explores the possibilities of chat bots.


2 November 2016 | By Adam Dunn

The Big Secret to Digital Transformation

We have named the beast that is ‘transformation' - now what?


15 June 2016 | By

Successful Digital Transformation – Innovation and Operational Excellence

Do digital-first organisations have a competitive advantage?


8 June 2016 | By

Successful Digital Transformation – The Role of Agility

Digital first organisations are agile organisations – a second chance to catch recent KCOM blog posts on the theme of digital transformation…


25 May 2016 | By

Digital Transformation – Exorcising the Ghosts of IT Past, Present and Future

Digital public services are a potential game changer – but only if the lessons of IT past, present and future are fully considered


11 May 2016 | By

Improving Customer Satisfaction – The 5 Key Enablers

Too often improving customer satisfaction means treating symptoms rather than causes. Get to the root of great customer satisfaction with th…

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