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25 September 2018 | By Richard Latham

Reaching for the cloud

The financial industry’s end-of-life dilemma


31 July 2018 | By Ben Nicholson

Under the microscope: a deeper look at your cloud

To optimise your cloud, you should first discover what is holding it back


30 July 2018 | By Ben Nicholson

Accelerating Cloud Optimisation

What lessons can we learn in cloud optimisation from the pursuit for perfection in F1 engineering?


20 February 2018 | By Graham Masterson

It’s time to start embracing the cloud in full

Find out how to choose the right cloud migration approach


21 November 2017 | By Richard Watts

The digital transformation of the travel and tourism industry

The four key themes driving the digital transformation of travel


18 August 2017 | By Andy Cory

A common mistake in IAM deployments

Poorly defined user roles can derail your IAM project before it has even begun


8 June 2017 | By Andy Cory

Three benefits of well-deployed IAM – and one not so obvious one

Why are organisations so interested in Identity and Access Management (IAM)? What is it about the framework that means IAM is being increasi…


13 March 2017 | By

Don't let security worries hold you back from the public cloud

The public cloud is coming of age. Is it time to question your assumptions about this maturing technology?


24 January 2017 | By Adam Dunn

5 challenges of DevOps: What role should developers play in IT Operations?

Not for the first time, a revolution is sweeping IT. Many developers are embracing hyper-converged cloud platforms and DevOps infrastructure…


29 November 2016 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

The new flat business - did IT lead the way?

More and more businesses are breaking down traditional hierarchical structures in favour of ‘flat structures’. What benefits does this appro…


22 November 2016 | By Suzette Bouzane Meadows

Organisation 3.0 for IT leaders - Live the dream or die alone

In today’s increasingly digital world, where technology underpins all aspects of the customer experience, the CIO has a critical role to pla…

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