It's not easy meeting the competing demands that IT leaders in the public sector face. You're keen to improve the delivery of services by enabling new, innovative solutions. However the  austerity agenda continues to take its toll on available budgets and resources.

The good news is that digital change can now be more cost-effective than maintaining the status quo.

In our latest eGuide, 'Addressing the Challenges of Legacy Systems: A guide for IT leaders', we'll talk you through:

  • how to identify the real costs of maintaining your existing systems
  • the short-term costs of updating legacy systems versus the longer-term benefits
  • weighing up the option of evolving or adapting legacy systems vs replacement

With the availability of secure and reliable cloud infrastructure and APIs that can unlock new capabilities and functionality, there is a way for digital public services to evolve without significant concerns over costs or infrastructure constraints.

Our latest eGuide is ready for you to download straight away: 'Addressing the Challenges of Legacy Systems: A guide for IT leaders'.

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