Like many organisations, you may have already made the move to cloud and will have begun to experience benefits such as reduced costs and improved scalability. But what if you could use the power of cloud to drive even more advantages, such as increased innovation and business value?

Application modernisation is an architectural approach that enables the development of small independent components, which each have a specific function.  Each independent function contributes to a more powerful overall solution.

It’s important to understand whether application modernisation is right for you. You can start by asking yourself five simple questions.

1.    Would your organisation benefit from the ability to deploy applications more frequently and seamlessly?

Being first to market in any industry can provide a significant competitive advantage. Getting more products and services to your customers ahead of your competition can be crucial. There are, however, challenges associated with being a leader rather than a follower. Increasing your engagement with your customers is important to addressing these challenges. Done right, this can result in a virtuous feedback loop. The key to success is being able to build an industrialised software delivery approach. Tools such as AWS CodePipeline and AWS CodeBuild can be integrated with other AWS and third-party tools to create a secure, compliant and governed approach to deployment automation.

2.   Would your organisation benefit from spending less on “running” IT and more on innovation?

Using the same budget to deliver more is an attractive proposition for any organisation. And using your team or a trusted third party to add value is preferable to spending on operations. If you were an early adopter into cloud, then it is likely that you have some of your workloads running on EC2. By moving solutions to other cloud services such Amazon RDS you can save on operational costs and by using microservices, such as Lambda, you only pay for the duration that your code is running rather than paying for the server to be available but idle.

3.    Have you ever had a system outage due to a single issue or fault?

Rearchitecting, re-designing and refactoring legacy applications to move from a single system to individual separate functions ensures impact can be minimised in the event of a failure. Designing and building a modern application using resilient AWS services means you no longer have to worry about single points of failure. KCOM successfully delivers loosely coupled but resilient solutions leveraging AWS tools. By utilising API Gateway, Lambda, Dynamo DB, Glue and Kinesis, our customers are able to continually refine their solutions as their business requirements evolve.

4.   Can you create the conditions to get the most from your development teams?

It’s common to see detailed knowledge about an application contained in few key individuals within an organisation. This can be both a risk to the organisation and can be unfulfilling for the people concerned as they are the “go-to people” for everything. Developing solutions that are based around microservices removes that knowledge funnel and allows for code or functions to be reused across multiple applications or solutions.

5.     Is your application truly scalable?

Just about every organisation that has moved to the cloud has benefitted from scalability. But, unless your application is cloud native, you are likely to be limited in some way. The requirement for manual intervention in bringing up additional capacity is an obvious example. AWS Lambda allows you to scale your application in seconds, which is even quicker than provisioning EC2 instances, which can take minutes. This results in quicker and more available applications to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

Modernising applications using cloud native services

KCOM's experts understand how to deliver modern cloud solutions to ensure that organisations can fully answer and resolve questions around speed, agility, value, resilience, efficiency and scalability. As a longstanding AWS Premier Consulting Partner, we’re experienced in using architectural skills and frameworks in areas such as DevOps to get the very best from the cloud.

Every organisation is different and we work across many different sectors to deliver solutions that are right for each one. So, if you “lifted and shifted” to the cloud a few years back, then KCOM has the expertise to take you to the next step and build further benefits for your organisation.

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