Inactivity has a price. While updating your existing legacy IT systems may put further stress on over-stretched budgets, attempting to continue with ‘business as usual’ can lead to higher costs and inefficiencies.

And it can also store up considerable problems for the future.

As the IT industry continues to innovate increasing user expectations and enabling new ways of working, it’s important to quantify the true costs of retaining your legacy IT systems.

There is no quick or easy answer to addressing the challenges posed by legacy IT systems. Moving forward will cost money, but so will staying still. The question to ask is what is the best use of your resources?

  • Inefficient IT systems result in at least of 3 hours of wasted time per day for nearly half your employees
  • On average more than half of IT budgets are spent maintaining existing IT systems
  • Inefficient systems and a poor user experience impact staff morale and citizen satisfaction


Public Sector, Digital Transformation, Legacy IT