Businesses across industries understand the value of employee engagement and retention. The first things that may spring to mind are ping pong tables, free snacks and staff parties. But something as fundamental as removing repetitive tasks might be the most important factor in retaining talent – especially for contact centres. That’s where Robotic Process Automation (RPA) comes into the picture.

RPA can come in the form of a simple piece of software that captures and interprets data input, helping to mimic tasks like manual copying and pasting. The benefits of eliminating these steps from a contact centre agent’s day-to-day are many.

By abolishing manual, tedious tasks that regularly result in errors and complaints, agents will be more empowered, engaged and even ready to play an important role in your business strategy. Customers can tell when the agent is preoccupied with admin duties rather than being focused on them, and the consequences of bad customer service are obvious.

Plus, when agents feel like their work is useful and efficient, in this case, having empathetic conversations with minimum disruption, they are more likely to report higher levels of job satisfaction. High job satisfaction tends to improve engagement and the likelihood of staff wanting to stay in the company.

When agents spend more time having meaningful conversations with customers than alt-tabbing to switch between panes and applications, great things happen. They suddenly become the guardian of insights into the customer’s pain points and needs; valuable information for any business. This information can be translated into strategic processes and projects, with the potential to ultimately help grow revenues.

For the new breed of employees, being engaged is crucial for workplace happiness. According to research by NICE, millennials and entry-level workers report higher levels of boredom than other groups and are more likely to leave a company if they feel that their work isn’t meaningful. And this is a generation that has grown accustomed to Alexa and Siri-style intelligence, together with intuitive and responsive apps. Eliminating repetitive tasks can therefore be an apt solution to attracting and retaining the millennial workforce.

 Together, robots and agents have the potential to deliver significant business value. The contact centre, sometimes a place of unnecessary frustration, is transformed into a workplace full of empowered and savvy agents with one thing on their mind – the customer.