Whether working within AWS, Azure, GCN or private cloud environments, our customers are looking to make their contact and collaboration systems fully digital.  Many are looking for a Software as a Service (SaaS) consumption based model to increase flexibility and scalability while reducing cost.

Several KCOM customers, using eGain’s knowledge, AI, and analytics-guided customer engagement solutions,are interested in the announcement; most notably, Europe’s largest customer contact centre at HMRC.

There’s a lot to celebrate with the new announcement but, as ever, it’s in the detail where the benefits shine.  Moving to the eGain cloud not only allows us the security of the UK’s stringent data privacy requirements, it allows us to upgrade (and continually keep updated) the functionality of the systems our customers already have in place.

My favourites are:

  • A new, digital-first, omnichannel, advisor desktop that has a better look and feel with simpler onscreen tools for agents
  • The ability to create cross channel reporting has removed the silos between channels so we can now evaluate, for example, voice interactions alongside that of digital interactions
  • A new feature within eGain’s analytics capability - journey analytics - allows our clients to display and explain customer activity metrics quickly and easily

I’m looking forward to further developing KCOM’s relationship with eGain as we integrate more and more cross channel functionality to our services.

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