Digital is no longer just a talking point. Organisations of all sizes are implementing change programmes that promise to transform the customer experience and streamline business operations.

Innovating your infrastructure

In the race to the cloud, forward-thinking organisations are looking for the flexibility, scalability and agility needed to boost growth and improve customer loyalty in the post-downturn era.

And today, more than ever before, meeting customer expectations is business-critical. Enterprises are creating new digital tools and channels that are accessible whenever customers need them, underpinned by flexible and scalable infrastructure that benefits the business, employees and customers alike.

Innovating the customer experience

So how are these new technologies and digital capabilities changing the way we interact with  customers?

Broader technological developments have transformed customer expectations, and they now demand choices in the way they communicate – whether that’s a weekend phone call, a 9pm web chat or a tweet on the move.  

Analytics tools are able to analyse data gathered from customer, operational and other data sources to help optimise the customer experience and improve business efficiency. Delta Airlines built a free ‘Track my bag’ app as a way of putting the information that they already had into the hands of their customers. The app automatically tracks customers baggage without even having to scan a luggage label.

In order to attract, win and retain customers in this environment, businesses must align organisational structure, company culture and technology in the service of their customers.

Innovating as a way of life

Those who are already enjoying quick wins from the insights in departmental data may think they are ahead of the game. However it’s increasingly about connecting and analysing structured and unstructured data from across the enterprise as well as customers interactions. The true innovators are one step ahead, leveraging the full power of their data to deliver real-time insights, personalise customer contact, inform corporate strategy and create new products and services.

Yet many organisations lack the necessary skills and resources to successfully transform their operations. As a result, drawing on the expertise of third-party IT services partners is becoming essential to a growing number of businesses' digital transformation strategies. Research by Forrester in 2015 revealed that 88% of firms use a third-party provider for at least one component of their digital transformation programme.

Looking forward

Over the next two months, we’ll be exploring innovation and the digital enterprise, covering areas such as:

  • The role of customer analytics in delivering competitive advantage
  • Innovations in customer contact
  • Security and the public cloud
  • Government as a Platform.

We’re also running a survey that explores digital transformation programmes across both public and private sectors. What are the drivers? Are there any significant barriers to overcome? And how are different types of organisations progressing?

Respondents who complete the survey will receive a complimentary report of insights and findings at this crucial stage in the journey to a digital first business world.

Digital Transformation