Over the past two months we’ve been looking at the role digital transformation plays in freeing up staff from inflexible business processes and technologies. We’ve also seen how this benefits both staff and customers, giving them genuine choices in how they interact with your organisations, and making agility a reality in both IT and business functions.

Take a look at some of our recent blog content you may have missed the first time around:

Balancing IT innovation with business continuity delivery and operations

CIOs are under pressure to deliver change and facilitate innovation, but how do they balance this with the need for business continuity and ensuring ongoing IT availability and performance?

Why 8 out of 10 UK Businesses Prefer Cloud-Based Services

With widespread adoption of cloud-based services across UK businesses, are there any reasons to hold back?

Improving Customer Satisfaction – 5 Key Enablers

Too often improving customer satisfaction means treating symptoms rather than causes. Get to the root of great customer satisfaction with these 5 enablers.

Digital Public Services – Exorcising the Ghosts of IT Past, Present and Future

Digital public services are a potential game changer – but only if the lessons of IT past, present and future are fully considered.

Social Media and Customer Satisfaction – Opportunity or Risk?

A recent survey found digital public services are embracing social media, but only around 20% of local authorities have a policy in place. Customers expect to be able to contact you 24/7, but it’s important to balance delivery with risk

Understanding the Benefits and Key Considerations of Cloud-Based Unified Communications

The clear benefits of cloud-based unified communications are fuelling adoption, so what should you consider when evaluating solutions and potential partners?

Digital transformation: securing buy-in for change projects

You’ve identified opportunities to improve efficiency through digital transformation. Now it’s time to secure the buy-in of your influential colleagues.  

We’ve been running a survey to explore the realities of digital transformation behind the hype. How are digital first organisations faring? What business benefits are they realising across the enterprise?

It’s a quick and easy survey, so do complete it if you haven’t already done so. In return, we’ll send you an exclusive report of our findings, to help you benchmark your own progress against that of similar organisations.

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