As sophisticated automation technologies become prevalent in UK contact centres, we explore whether the human adviser is under threat or in fact, more valued than ever.  

Here are some of our recent blog pieces that you may have missed first time around:

The human touch - Simplifying the value of automation

How can companies harness the benefits of contact centre automation to deliver an integrated and seamless service to the customer while getting the best from their human workforce?

Case study: KCOM helps the NHS's Special Health Authority transform customer experience

Through hosted cloud-based solutions and voice recognition software, KCOM provided the business service wing of the NHS with an agile customer experience that delivered £700,000 in cost savings.


5 Challenges of DevOps: What role should developers play in IT Operations ?

IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly managed more broadly as a part of software developments, but how will this shift affect your operations department?


Facing up to the future contact centre - Face and voice recognition

Contact centre automation offers huge efficiencies, and with intuitive technologies like face and voice recognition, your customers needn’t sacrifice the human touch.


Why contact centre morale is more important than ever

Contact centre automation and digitisation mean that staff are fielding increasingly challenging enquiries. Providing them with the right support is more important than ever.


Zero touch resolution is dead - Long live zero touch resolution

How can businesses balance the efficiencies of zero touch resolution with the human touch which remains as valued as ever.

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