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2023 Pricing Changes FAQ'S

Written by KCOM Support on 30/01/2023. Posted in Account.

This article contains some frequently asked questions about our latest price changes to help you understand how it affects you.

What is happening?

We have an interactive Pricing Change chatbot here which can help answer any further questions.

You may recently have received a letter or email explaining that KCOM is changing its prices.

While we know that a price rise is never welcome, we are doing our best to keep prices as low as possible despite the large increases we’re facing in delivering our service due to things such as increasing energy costs.

While other major providers such as BT are raising their prices by as much as 14%, KCOM has decided to limit its increases. For most people, this will mean an increase of £2 for their broadband service and another £3 if you are out of contract. However, you can avoid the additional £3 increase completely by re-contracting to KCOM.

If you have a call ‘bolt on’ – this means any extra phone call services you have - your prices may be changing too. For more details on this, see below.

What this means for you?

  • Your existing KCOM service will not change, unless you want it to.
  • Depending on the type of package you have with KCOM, your letter/email describes what’s happening and your options.

Your letter/email may include any of the statements below, depending on your current package. This means you may need to review your options:

The standard price of your broadband package will increase by £2 from 1st March 2023 

  • If your letter/email states you are receiving an increase of £2, that’s it. From 1st March the cost of your broadband service will increase by £2 per month. As always you have the option to review your package to make sure you’re on the right service for your needs, otherwise, you don’t have to do anything else.

If you have a ‘call bolt-on’, your monthly price will increase as follows: 

Call bolt on type Current monthly charge Monthly charge from 1st March 2023 
UK Landlines £4 £5 
UK Landlines & Mobiles £8 £10 
International 1,000 £8 £10 
All inclusive £15 £18 
  • A ‘call bolt-on’ is any extra phone call service you have alongside any broadband service. This is sometimes called a bundle. The above table shows the new call bolt-on prices from 1st March 2023, inclusive of VAT.
  • If you have call bolt-on you now have the option to add, change or remove the call service you have on your existing package.
  • If you would like to know more about your call package options, please see the product page on our website -
  • The increase in the price of your bolt on will be reflected in your overall increase per month, found at the bottom of the 'What this means for you section'.

As you are out of contract with us on or before 1st March 2023, your price will increase by £3 per month

If your letter/email states you are currently out of contract, your standard price will increase by £3 on the 1st March 2023. However, you can avoid this rise by recontracting with us.
  • If your letter/email states you are currently out of contract, your price will increase by £3 on the 1st March 2023.
  • This is in addition to the standard broadband package increase of £2.
  • However, you can avoid the charge by recontracting or upgrading your package with us.

Price is increasing more than £3

If you have more than one change to your package, the cost of your service could increase between £1 - £8 per month. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I currently in contract?

  • You are currently in a contract unless your letter or email specifically states that you are out of contract. Please see example statement below:
“As you are out of contract with us on or before 1st March 2023, you price will increase by £3 per month”
  • Out of contract means the length of agreement you originally agreed for your broadband or phone service with KCOM has now run out. This could be typically 18 or 24 months after you signed your service agreement. If you signed up for your package years ago it’s worth checking if you’re now out of contract. If you are, you can save money by re-contracting with us.
  • KCOM will send you a notification when your contract is coming to an end.

What are my options?

  • If you have a received a letter or an email confirming there will be a change to the price of your existing package you will be able to review and confirm your available options online via your personalised link, which is included in your letter or email.
  • If you only have a phone line with KCOM, you will need to contact us directly on 01482 602899.

What is a call bolt-on?

  • A call bolt-on is a flexible option that we offer our customers to add inclusive call minutes to your phone or existing broadband package. Like a bundle.
  • You are able to amend existing call bolt-on packages on a 30-day rolling basis.
  • A call bolt-on can often be used to get even better value from your KCOM services. For example, to ensure that you don’t pay more than you need to for international and mobile phone calls.

How does this impact my bill?

  • All price rise changes are due to take affect from the 1st March 2023 and all prices inclusive of VAT.

How do I contact KCOM?

  • Our usual contact channels are always available, but please be aware that we are currently receiving high call volumes at present.
  • We have created the option to raise your query or question via an online form. Please follow this link.
  • You are also able to review and confirm your options via your personalised link in your email or letter.
  • You can use our handy interactive guide here which will help answer any further questions.

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