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How do I change my KCOM password?

Written by KCOM Support on 20/03/2023. Posted in Account.

Your KCOM password is used in three different ways which we explain in this article.

Your KCOM password is the password that's used:

  • With your KCOM username to authenticate your router so that you can browse the internet
  • With your KCOM username to log into the KCOM Control Panel so you can change your broadband settings, check usage, change email settings and more
  • With your main KCOM email address to allow you to check your emails

It's quite important that if you change your password, you understand that you need to use this new password in those areas. The biggest issue is changing your password will require you to update your router settings - forgetting to do this means you will lose access to the internet until it has been updated with your new password.

Changing your password

To change your password, you can either contact us or quickly change it online within the Control Panel .

Using the Control Panel

  1. Log into the Control Panel, highlight Options > Security and then select Change Password
  2. You now need to type in your Current Password, type in your New Password and then type it again to confirm

    Something to note

    Your password must be at least 8 characters long and contain both letters and numbers.

  3. When you've finished, select Save

Your password will now be changed.


What to do if you lose connection

You may lose connection to the internet shortly after changing your password. If you do, please try resetting your router as this should bring back your internet connection. To do this, find a pin and push it into the 'Reset' hole on the back of the router for 10 seconds. If after 3-4 minutes you're still not back online, please contact our Technical Support team on 01482 606101.

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