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How do I setup a router I bought elsewhere?

Written by KCOM Support on 23/03/2022. Posted in Broadband.

If you've purchased a router elsewhere, you can still use this for either Lightstream or Broadband providing it's the right type of router and it's been configured with our settings.

  • If you're using Lightstream

    You'll need to purchase a router that is Fibre Ethernet WAN compatible
  • If you're using Broadband

    You'll need to purchase a router that is ADSL2+ compatible

If you're sure you have the right type of router, take a look at our settings in order to setup your router correctly. If you need assistance with setting up the router, please visit your router manufacturer's website or contact them.


Something to note

Due to the amount of routers out there, we can only offer support online and over the telephone for the routers that we've supplied.

Let us set the router up for you

If you're really struggling to set up your router or you simply want someone to do it for you, check out our MyTech services page.

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