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What is the Multy Pro app and what can I use this for?

Written by KCOM Support on 22/03/2022. Posted in Broadband.

The Multy Pro app can be used with the LightHub Zyxel XMG 3927 router and has a range of different features available to modify and adjust your home network.

The app is available on Android devices through the Google Play Store, and on iOS devices through the App Store.

Multy Pro App

What can I do using the app?

  • View and modify core router settings (wireless name, password, etc)
  • Device capability and management
  • Net access scheduler for managing and restricting device access
  • Guest Wi-Fi management
  • Wireless monitoring tools (Android only)
  • Ability to add more Wi-Fi extenders to the home network


Home Network

The Home Network section is what you see first when you open the app. This allows the user to manage devices connected to their network directly from the app itself, without the need to log into the router's gateway.

This section lets you view device capabilities, assign 'Net Access' schedules to individual devices or completely block all access to certain devices.

Home Network

Device Overview

Selecting a device will provide more detailed info about the device and its capabilities.

  • Wi-Fi Band is the current frequency that the device is connected to. Due to the router using Band Steering, this will select the best available frequency for the device (2.4G or 5G)
  • Wi-Fi Channel is the current channel the router is connected to within its Band
  • RSSI or Received Signal Strength Indicator provides the current signal strength from the device to your router or access point
  • IP Address shows the internal IP address associated with the device selected
  • Max Speed is the speed capability of the device - this will also be determined by the current RSSI that the device has
  • Manufacturer shows the manufacturer of the device

Device Info

Device Management & Net Access

Within the select device, if you press Net Access Schedule, this will provide two options available to schedule for the device:

  • Internet Access provides three options - to always allow access, to block all access, or to setup a rule for the device.
  • Schedule Internet Access will be available if the device has the rule option selected

Net Access Schedule

To setup an Access Schedule for the selected device, follow the steps below:

  • Schedule title is simply the name of the schedule being setup
  • Start time and End time are when you want the access schedule to start and end
  • Repeat is where you select the days of the week you want the schedule to be applied
  • Enable lets you turn the set schedule on or off

Schedule Internet Access

Guest Wi-Fi

The Guest Wi-Fi option on the Multy Pro app allows you to enable or disable the Guest Wi-Fi as well as to change the Guest Wi-Fi name and password.

Guest Wi-Fi

Advanced Tools (Android only)

Wi-Fi Signal Meter

The Wi-Fi Signal Meter is a tool used to identify and locate potential wireless black spots in the property.

This is especially useful to make sure the devices you have connected to your Wi-Fi are correctly positioned so that they receive the best possible signal.

Wi-Fi Signal Meter

Wi-Fi Channel Chart

The Multy Pro app also comes equipped with a Wi-Fi Analyzer which lets you see what available channels have the least amount of overlap. You can use this to help guide which channel your Wi-Fi would work better on to minimise any interference.

Wi-Fi Channel Chart

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