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How do I enable Call Waiting?

Written by KCOM Support on 23/03/2022. Posted in Phone.

Call Waiting is a free service offered with all packages and bundles that notifies you when you've got a call waiting - even if you're already on the phone to someone else.

It even allows you to put your original call on hold whilst you speak to the second new caller, or - if you prefer, you can say goodbye to the original caller and devote all of your time to the new caller.

To use Call Waiting, all you need is a phone that has * and # keys and is set to 'tone'. 'Tone' is also referred to as DTMF.

To check that your phone is set to tone/DTMF, pick up the receiver and press the number 4 three times. If you hear three short 'beeps', your phone is set correctly. You may be able to alter your phone settings by a switch at the base or side of your phone.

How does it work?

If you're already on a call and another call is waiting, Call Waiting will play a gentle beep during the call to let you know. If you ignore the beep from Call Waiting, it will stop after 30 seconds.

How do I setup Call Waiting and use the different features?

To turn on or off Call Waiting

  • To set up: dial 

  • To cancel: dial 

Moving between calls

  1. Put your original caller on hold by keying 

  2. Wait for the tone and then dial 
    - this will then connect your second call
  3. To shuttle between the two calls, dial 
    and then 

  4. To end the second call and return to the original caller, dial 
    and then 

Hang up the first call

  • End the call you're on by replacing the handset. Your phone will ring again and you'll be connected to the second caller when you pick up.

Tell the second caller to ring you back rather than answering

  1. First you need to stop the beep. You can do this by keying 
    and then 

  2. Wait for the dial tone and then dial 
    followed by 

  3. You'll now go back to your original caller and your second caller will be advised to ring back later

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