The client:

Our client is a major media organisation with $600,000 per month spent on Amazon Web Services across 30+ cloud accounts. They have been a KCOM customer since 2008.

The requirement:

The client’s legacy estate is architected to manage peak demand – with all the wastage that comes from being overprovisioned during periods of low demand. As a result, they needed to review and address this by revising their technical strategy. The business is a siloed organisation with many applications making up the monthly billing figure. The focus on new projects has resulted in a cloud estate that has grown organically and unchecked, with variable levels of governance and control in place. The challenge was to establish a holistic view of costs and management of the accounts, and to deliver guidance on best practice.

KCOM's solution:

KCOM conducted a pilot for the client, and to train the client to help set up cloud optimisation tooling. Best practice recommendations were provided after an assessment of their business demand and future roadmap. Advice on tagging strategies and optimisation sequencing were provided to ensure benefits could be realised without constraining future development and innovation.

From the outset of the tool being commissioned, it was clear that the client had some challenges around ownershipof the AWS accounts (as the tooling requires administrator level access to be activated). This highlighted a lack of governance, accountability and control in account creation. The CloudHealth tool was able to access sufficient cost and utilisation metrics to enable KCOM’s analysts to continue to perform limited analysis and make optimisation recommendations.

The value:

From the pilot, KCOM identified the potential for forty percent savings that could be reinvested, amounting to $200,000 on monthly expenditure. Even better, the savings could be achieved with no or very low impact cost-saving recommendations.Perhaps more importantly, the pilot triggered change within the organisation; acting as a catalyst for investment in a Centre of Excellence, manned by a dedicated team, to foster best practices. The investment in this new team underlines the customer’s ongoing commitment to improving governance around its cloud infrastructure.

Utilising the tooling and KCOM best practices, the client is able to track their usage against budget forecasts and keep each of their application teams informed of their current costs, as well as receiving monthly recommendationson areas where cost savings could be achieved. Going forward they will be able to utilise this further to fine tune the analysis, enabling them to confidently right size,
purchase reservations and even manage their serverless and container platforms.