Kouros Roshanzamir

Principal Consultant

After 25 years of delivering in a range of technical and leadership roles, Kouros still considers himself as a modern journeyman, continually learning and seeking out new skills. His experience spans multiple industries including defence, retail banking, media, reinsurance, magic circle law firms, and Shoreditch start-ups.

As a Principal Consultant with KCOM, he gets to draw on this full breadth of experience on a daily basis, helping teams deliver meaningful solutions. Never one to hide way in the background, he’s happiest when working alongside clients, ’sleeves up and hands on’ in designing and executing change programmes; galvanising the team in pursuit the desired outcome.

He brings a creative philosophy to all his work and is not afraid to challenge the status quo. He prides himself on being a conscientious and ethical team player who understands the value of honesty, accountability, and trust within an increasingly dynamic business environment.


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