The way we connect has never been more complex. Every day, new ways to engage with our customers, suppliers and colleagues emerge – with new technologies and processes fighting for space in increasingly intricate IT infrastructures. We are continually building on what has gone before, but finding success in this constantly changing environment can be a challenge for many organisations.

At KCOM, we believe that integration is not just about joining together a complex set of technology dots – it’s about making sure they’re connected securely and robustly to achieve the best possible outcome for your business.

Ultimately, to unlock the potential of your systems and business data, you need a combination of Architecture, Integration and Implementation expertise. Without this, your business is likely to face unforeseen challenges adapting to today’s ever changing operating environments.

With each engagement, we create tailored solutions taking into account current systems or partners. Our experience building solutions across the entire IT estate allows us to easily collaborate with third parties and deal with complex IT setups. By managing these solutions, we free up our customers to focus on their business outcomes, while we take care of the detail.

Our services

End to end architecture

The majority of customers we work with are faced with highly complex IT architectures, the result of years of tactical changes as their organisations have grown and new systems have been deployed.  Often, architectural decisions have been made on a per application basis, without considering data integration issues or the end customer experience.

This kind of technical environment can hold back innovation as there is a fear that making a change may cause another system to fail. Quite often similar functions exist in multiple systems causing confusion over which holds the master record. To help makes sense of all this, our Enterprise and Solution Architects can work with you to create a holistic view of your IT landscape and reduce the future cost and risk of change.

Benefits of engaging with KCOM:

  • By analysing your Business and Technical Architecture, we can identify reusable functions, processes and technical services while also applying appropriate design patterns.
  • This end to end architecture strategy will centre on a set of objectives and principles, ultimately creating a roadmap for future developments that will reduce operational costs and improve business agility.
  • We focus on the long-term benefits that end to end architecture can deliver; reducing investment risk for future changes.

Integration consultancy

The pace of digital life has sped up, with more products and services being launched more often. Inevitably, these launches or updates involve changes to IT, people and processes. Even a seemingly simple change can become complicated, quickly consuming budgets or revealing unforeseen dependencies in adjacent systems and processes.

As environments get more sophisticated, traditional IT responses do not work. Your applications, and their inter-connections are simply too complex.

At KCOM, we’ve focused our expertise into analysing IT architecture and integration patterns. Our team provides our customers with the tools, advice and guidance they need to maximise reuse and manage the complexity of integrations.

Benefits of engaging with KCOM:

  • We know how to assemble components to provide effective solutions, using middleware for speed and agility.
  • Our extensive experience of migrating and architecting applications for the cloud mean we’re ideally placed to deliver integration services in a hybrid environment
  • Our team can help you to recover your agility and exceed your time to market expectations.

Integration solution design

Over the years, we’ve found that systems integration challenges are often underestimated when considering new initiatives. Traditional approaches tend to focus on local system integration requirements, ignoring the fact that in today’s interconnected, hybrid environments integration is now considerably more complex.

Today, our team regularly sees integration projects that cross Enterprise boundaries, involve multiple stakeholders and increasingly include outsourced services managed by third parties. The complexity of integration is not just about coupling systems together, but ensuring collaborative processes work together as businesses evolve.

Benefits of engaging with KCOM:

  • We work with business stakeholders, technical and architecture communities to offer a managed and predictable solution design process.
  • By ensuring a consistent approach across each of the key system design areas (architecture strategy and governance, business function, process, data, security and compliance), we can deliver the reliability and availability that you need, while also creating a better experience for your customers.
  • Our team will consider both your short and long term needs, incorporating these into our proven and predictable solution design process.

API and Middleware

Over the past 20 years, your business systems have become considerably more complex, distributed and diverse. APIs and Middleware allow you to tie those systems together by providing the technical capability to talk to them all, and the functional complexity of that connectivity to be architected, deployed and managed. This frees you up to focus on business logic rather than technical development.

We build our own systems from Platform as a Service components, then integrate them to deliver agility, reusable functions, improved customer experience, reduced costs and minimised risk for our customers.

Benefits of engaging with KCOM:

  • We go beyond traditional SOA and use microservices architecture to support our customers’ enterprise applications, creating independently deployable, replicable services that allow for faster tweaks and redeployments as the needs of your organisation evolve.
  • Our experts can help you to transform your basic integration frameworks and create Enterprise Service Buses that will allow your organisation to monitor, audit and manage routes, handle errors, load balance between services and control service versions.
  • We can also develop API gateways to support your microservices-based applications, helping your organisation to reduce overhead and improve the user experience.
  • At KCOM, we’ve specialised in middleware solutions over two decades. By creating architectural models, standards and guidelines, our experts can help you to find the right middleware to support your outcomes and deploy your chosen products to make sure it’s a success.
  • We can help you to choose the right middleware product for your company’s needs and deploy it successfully under a carefully considered architecture.

Service development

For the majority of our customers, agility is seen as the key to success in today’s rapidly changing markets. A robust integration strategy sets the scene for this by reshaping business and technical functions as services across the organisation, reducing your level of integration complexity, but how do you turn this into physical software.

Today, the “Service” has become the preferred method of enabling channel access to back end functionality by distributing the responsibilities of a system into a number of smaller pieces of software each with a specific purpose. This makes it easier to change and add functions and qualities to the system at any time.

KCOM has vast experience of designing, developing, deploying and managing services that balance speed with safety to give your organisation the agility it needs to succeed.

Benefits of engaging with KCOM:

  • Based on our extensive experience working with customers across a range of sectors, our team has developed and matured a proven service delivery model – the KCOM Service Factory.
  • Our Service Factory provides a ‘one stop shop’ that covers requirements capture, solution design, development, testing and ongoing support.
  • With fixed delivery timescales and costs based on service complexity, the KCOM Service Factory can provide a mature and proven solution for all your IT Services.

Identity and access management

To succeed as a digital organisation, you need to be confident those accessing your systems and data whether employees, customers or partners are authorised to do so. At the same time your customers and employees want a single sign on to all the key applications and services they use.  

Identity and Access Management (or IAM) allows you to create a mutually beneficial and secure authentication and sign on process by storing and managing the identities of your customers, suppliers and employees. IAM can manage authentication from trusted applications such as ERP or CRM systems, trusted external sites such as LinkedIn or Google, use two factor authentication (e.g. with mobile phones) or secret questions. Our IAM solutions allow you to connect to your employees, customers and suppliers easily and securely to systems and information based on their credentials, location and device.

Benefits of engaging with KCOM:

  • We can provide authentication services and connection to IAM as a Service.
  • Alternatively, we can deploy a more tailored IAM service in conjunction with our technology partners supporting the development of a single sign on architecture.
  • A robust IAM strategy will protect both you and your customers from identity theft and unauthorised access, while ensuring your organisation complies with data protection and privacy laws.