Today’s organisations must address the challenge of managing technology debt along with ever-evolving business requirements.  A cloud-native strategy provides the tools to connect data, people and services in ways that were previously unachievable. Using these tools, organisations can begin to deploy service updates on a continuous cycle.

To successfully develop and deliver cloud native solutions, it’s important to understand the services available as well as the technical complexity of application workloads. Done right, a cloud-native strategy can ensure applications and services are always highly available, scalable and agile. The result? Frictionless experiences for customers, users and IT teams alike.

KCOM's services

Making cloud-native work requires a departure from traditional thinking. KCOM supports this process by carefully managing the shift to continuous integration and continuous delivery. We enable our customers to become more agile and to deploy applications and services faster than ever before.

Our expert teams have the experience and the skills to help organisations develop resilient, highly agile cloud-native IT. We have top-flight expertise in data and application integration, change management, and re-engineering applications.

Our services can be delivered individually or as part of a more joined-up engagement. We assess cloud solutions against current best practice standards and enable organisations to modernise their applications to get more from their cloud.

Best practice: Based on the experience of designing and reviewing thousands of customers’ architectures, our framework provides a consistent approach to evaluating existing systems. This includes five core pillars: security, operational excellence, cost, performance and reliability.

Modernising applications: KCOM’s Application Modernisation Services can help re-factor or re-architect applications to deliver agility, efficiency and innovation.


We can provide discovery and analysis services, strategy and roadmap creation through to code and configuration changes and deployment. Underpinning this approach is a commitment to deployment automation and optimisation to provide speed and agility throughout the application lifecycle.

Step one: Discovery – We identify and evaluate workloads against the viability of the change required. This process includes people, process and technical architecture and integration.

Step two: Assessment and planning - Our team of cloud architects and developers design the cloud-native application principles and pattern to enable our customers to achieve their business goals.

Step three: Build - Our technical delivery team navigates the organisation through the cloud-native build, covering technical architecture and integration path.



Organisations increasingly need shorter time-to-market and better operating efficiency. By employing a culture of collaboration, programmatically controllable tools, best practices and de-siloing the development, operations and testing teams, the DevOps practices maximise velocity without sacrificing quality.

Research has shown that high performing organisations that effectively utilise DevOps principles achieve:

  • 46x more frequent software deployments than their competitors
  • 96x faster recovery from failures
  • 440x faster lead time for changes
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction and operational efficiency

Traditionally, the development team, the operations team and the test team all work separately.  Organisations often implement DevOps as a title change or a skills uplift in the form of programming ability for the Operations team, to very little benefit.

To truly benefit from the DevOps practices, the teams work together to automate lengthy manual tasks by combining expertise, technology stacks and automation tools. This frees the teams up to focus on the evolution of applications and products, thus serving the customers better and compete more effectively.

If you are thinking of implementing the DevOps approach to your organisation to increase delivery velocity and improving efficiency, KCOM can help

Benefits of engaging KCOM:

  • Expert consultants who understand the DevOps practices and the need for high velocity and enhanced feedback during the product lifecycle
  • As an active practitioner of DevOps working in many organisations, KCOM can tailor the approach and implementation to suit your organisation on a project-by-project basis

Big data

Organisations that can leverage their data and create actionable information can expect to significantly improve their business outcomes. When combined with new owned data sources and the enrichment of data, the opportunities for disruption are considerable.

The ability to analyse large datasets, generate models and then apply predictive analytics in real time has allowed our customers to rapidly respond and adjust their operations in line with fluctuations in demand or changes in the business environment, leading to improvements in business agility.

Data analytics is often ad-hoc or infrequent. Real value is produced by the generation and maintenance of data models, allowing for the active use of data and continuous application of models in pursuit of business advantage.

Big data can also hold the key to rapid innovation. Once you have a better understanding of your data, new insights into customer requirements and behaviours can be identified that can help shape new products and services and improve existing ones or streamline business processes.

If you’re grappling with the challenge of understanding the potential of the data within your organisation, we can help. We will work with you to design, deliver and manage a flexible and cost-effective data analytics capability so you can unlock the full potential of your business data.

Benefits of engaging KCOM:

  • Expert consultancy to help you understand where the value lies in your data
  • Bespoke solutions built on public cloud technology, ensuring targeted results at large scale and high availability
  • Breadth of capability across cloud, data analytics and development, ensuring the entire solution can be produced

Key benefits:

With KCOM, organisations can re-imagine their business processes to be cloud-native. Our cloud consultancy service assesses the changeability of applications into a cloud-native architecture and delivers an understanding of the business opportunity created.

We build applications specifically for the public cloud. Our cloud-native applications are designed to make use of PaaS (Platform as a Service) services provided by the major public cloud providers, supplemented by bespoke microservices or serverless functions. This means we can ensure security updates and maintenance don’t interrupt the flow of business. We facilitate a rapid testing and deployment cycle where new services can be launched, maintained and tested on a continuous basis.

Our application knowledge and extensive cloud experience gives us the ability to build new concepts and deploy services faster than ever before. We can also provide business leaders with access to previously unseen real-time data about how their IT is performing.

Our partners and accreditations:

AWS Premier Consulting Partner - MSP Partner AWS Premier Consulting Partner - Government Competency AWS Well-Architected
Gold Microsoft Partner Trend Micro Alert Logic