A successful cloud-based strategy goes beyond the migration phase – there are numerous day-to-day challenges that must be carefully managed to reap the long-term benefits.

The KCOM benefit

We’re different to other cloud Managed Service Providers (MSPs); we offer in-life support for complete solutions and go beyond the cloud components. We provide a single managed service wrapper on deployments from multiple cloud providers.

Supported by an ecosystem of industry-leading partners, we help create value for organisations and their customers alike by:

  • Eliminating complexity
  • Driving cost and process efficiencies

Flexible solution streams

KCOM Cloud Service Management is made up of three solution streams. Each stream is suitable for public cloud workloads designed, developed and migrated by KCOM, as well as those implemented by internal teams or alternative MSPs.

A summary of these solution streams is provided below. For more detailed information, you can download our Cloud Services Management brochure.

  • Analyse
    Understanding your situation

    A consultative analysis of business requirements which includes an AWS Well Architected Review or Azure Best Practice Review.

  • Assure
    Daily management of your cloud

    A range of day-to-day monitoring, management and administration functions freeing up internal teams to focus their efforts elsewhere.

  • Accelerate
    Driving enhanced performance

    Continually improving processes, procedures and technical solutions. Looking ahead at upcoming challenges and opportunities.


Managing a smooth transition

We employ a tried and tested transition framework that is accredited to ISO20000 standards. For solutions previously managed by other MSPs or in-house teams, we carry out a managed transition that follows a clearly defined process, that has evolved and matured over many successful transitions.

Success stories

“KCOM is an ideal partner for us because of their superior knowledge of deployments and scaling, as well as their deep technical expertise in cloud-based environments” - Commonwealth War Graves Commission.

“It was very important for us to be able to work closely with a supplier who would continue to monitor and make improvements to the system, even after deployment” - NHS Business Services Authority.

We recognised that a cloud-based approach was the best way to achieve our objectives, especially ease of implementation and flexibility. KCOM’s ability to build upon and reuse the remaining viable infrastructure was a welcome bonus, both in terms of avoiding additional investment and user training” - Staffordshire Fire and Rescue.

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