Today’s fast-paced, always-on world is fuelled by the availability of ubiquitous connectivity. The ability to extend the enterprise beyond organisational boundaries and the rise of the cloud is resulting in the rapid convergence of networks, applications and communication. An organisation’s ability to respond to the opportunities this presents depends on its ability to modernise its legacy infrastructure, open up enterprise applications to efficiently gain real-time insights and quickly develop new, flexible services for their customers across multiple channels. 

Our Connected Enterprise solutions can help your organisation become more agile by delivering an intelligent, secure, connectivity that enables IT to support strategic business initiatives, allowing you to take advantage of the latest technology such as mobility and cloud computing whilst reducing service development and management through automation and application awareness.

By opening up access to your business applications and systems through APIs software developers inside and outside your organisation are free to create new applications that connect to your IT estate. However, solely focusing on APIs is not enough – you need to avoid the duplication between different applications and simplify the communication across your infrastructure, allowing your organisation to easily extract the information that will support intelligent decision making.

When it comes to automating your processes, we recognise that often systems and data sit in external data centres, the public cloud, or across multiple business sites and networks with different processes and methodologies associated to each data source or application. Our team is on hand to support you and adapt these disparate networks into a single, intelligent infrastructure that can rapidly adapt to changing business requirements, helping you to fulfil the promise of digital transformation.

With a single, connected enterprise infrastructure, your organisation will be free to develop new services for your customers and enable seamless, low friction integration across your supply chain without complex, time consuming and costly projects.

Underpinning application and service performance is the ability of your network infrastructure to provide access to services, application and information not only to employees, customers and suppliers, but also increasingly “things” both inside and outside of the corporate environment. Many legacy networks are beginning to show the strain and are unable to cope with these ever increasing demands.