At KCOM, we know that an optimised customer journey cannot exist without an integrated communication strategy. Today’s collaborative tools allow a new generation of agents to provide a faster and more personalised customer experience, by creating not just a single view of the customer, but a single and consistent view of the organisation from the customer’s perspective.

Our award-winning customer contact team is helping organisations to transform their customers’ experiences by implementing integrated multichannel solutions that address the demands of empowered digital consumers in a cost effective and consistent manner. Our collaboration solutions underpin this customer-centric approach, helping organisations to optimise their productivity and streamline outdated business processes.

Our cloud based contact centre solutions offer a resilient and flexible service able to handle multiple channels and quickly respond to peaks and troughs in demand. Agents no longer need to be seated in the same room, or even in the same building; instead they can be connected virtually to all the tools and applications they need. These solutions are underpinned by automation capabilities that help to balance self-service with human agents to deliver the best possible customer experience within increasingly constrained budgets.

Our collaboration solutions can work to support the customer experience, putting the tools and applications in place to help employees collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners more easily. Real-time collaboration can help to speed up decision making, drive efficiencies and improve response times to co-create value for organisations and their customers. It also provides flexible working options that can help to attract and retain talent.

Our Services

Customer experience and collaboration are undeniably central to the digital transformation agenda, but we are still operating in an environment where many organisations are struggling to find the right blend of approach and technology. At KCOM, our team are experienced in helping our customers to make the business case for prioritising customer, ultimately leading organisations to align their IT investment with a customer-focused strategy that supports the flow of knowledge around the business.

We have the tools and techniques to deliver consistent experiences. By mapping your customer journeys from end to end, our team can help you to determine and invest in the touch points that will successfully reduce customer effort.

Whether you need an on-premise or cloud based solution, our customer contact solutions are fully scalable and suitable for organisations with the most demanding requirements and include:

Multi-channel integration with CRM and third-party applications

To support an increasingly empowered customer base, many contact centres have grown to support thousands of agents and may be spread across multiple sites, while covering a huge range of customer segments, services and products.

This move to an interconnected customer support system presents a big integration challenge as organisations struggle to deliver a consistent experience across a growing number of channels while aligning with their CRM to offer a single customer view.  Deploying innovative services and capabilities from third-parties can also seem to be a logical solution to the increased nuances of customer contact, but they also risk introducing more complexity and potential disconnects into your contact centre architecture.

Benefits of engaging with KCOM:

  • Our team can help you to organise and simplify your customer contact model, answering questions around how your organisation will need to evolve to deal with additional challenges such as the growth in mobile contact and successfully integrating self-service capabilities.
  • We can efficiently link your Voice, Online, Knowledge Bases, Customer Insight, Process and Front and Back office systems.
  • Working with our integration specialists will help to improve your customer satisfaction rates and reduce churn.

Automation and self-service

Over the last few years, our team has seen a variety of organisations trying to increase their range of available contact channels while rejecting the opportunities of automation and self-service. This can be a critical error, as agents and support staff struggle to offer a consistent service across an increased spread of touch points.

Our contact and collaboration solutions can deliver the benefits of automation for both the customer and your organisation. By simplifying the processes behind your high volume customer interactions, your organisation can offer a responsive contact experience that minimises customer effort and maximises satisfaction and loyalty.

Benefits of engaging with KCOM:

  • Natural language recognition capabilities that can  deliver a more personalised service by supporting applications including account information retrieval, call steering and identification and verification.
  • Increased speed and agility by empowering your customers to solve their simple queries via self-service channels, while automation drives the more complex queries to your most qualified agents. 
  • Generate enterprise-wide management information to give detailed statistics and optimise resource allocation on an hourly basis.

Collaboration consultancy and delivery

Our collaboration solutions can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, whether you need to empower your agents to deal with complex queries and prioritise cross-selling, or use unified applications to change the way your employees communicate both internally and externally.

Our consultants will assess your current collaborative capabilities and help to define an innovation roadmap that will transform your communications. If there is a need to expand your communications infrastructure, or simply re-architect your existing services, our team of experts are on hand to design, develop and manage a bespoke collaboration solution.

Benefits of engaging with KCOM:

  • Industry-leading expertise that will compare collaboration best practice with your existing communications environment.
  • Access to an integrated suite of collaboration tools including unified communications, presence and IM, online meetings, video and mobile.
  • Provide agents with a single desktop interface that improves your call recording, quality management and voice analytics enabling rapid changes and updates to be pushed through with minimal disruption.
  • Allow your workforce to easily feedback their insights and drive continuous improvements across the organisation.
  • Transform knowledge management throughout your organisation with new ways to share ideas and existing information.