A cloud-based customer contact services strategy enables organisations to build scalable solutions that can improve customer experiences while reducing costs.

Customer contact is changing. In the age of cloud, cutting-edge apps like natural language, data processing and voice biometrics can help recognize returning customers. Linking existing CRM systems can help present a single customer view across channels.

At KCOM, we’re helping organisations to embrace the digital revolution to deliver optimal customer experiences. Our solutions and services help remove customer friction. We free up agents to address more complex enquiries, which in turn helps drive value and a competitive edge.

KCOM's services

KCOM delivered the largest contact centre in Europe with HMRC. Our highly-skilled and experienced teams eliminate complexity to improve response times, speed up decision-making and drive efficiencies. We create value for organisations and their customers.

We have a wealth of integration capabilities and experience along with an ecosystem of industry-leading partners. We can design and deliver fully-scalable customer contact environments. We re-imagine the way organisations interact with their customers.

Step 1: Discovery - We engage with customers to understand their pain points along the customer journey. We assess current business challenges that can be alleviated with a cloud-first solution.

Step 2: Assessment and planning - We offer a consultative approach to designing and architecting your roadmap. We facilitate a more flexible, cloud-centric customer contact services platform.

Step 3: Migration - We implement and integrate new services and solutions into the existing contact centre.

Step 4: Optimisation - We accurately forecast demand. We take insights from real-time data and track changes in customer behaviour with new customer contact technologies.


Key benefits:

We believe that customer contact success is ultimately shown in the exemplary experience’s customers gain across both traditional and digital channels.

We help organisations to provide consistent, joined-up experiences every time a customer interacts with them from across multiple channels. We give them the tools they need to recognize customers, appreciate them for their loyalty, listen to their concerns and respond to their needs in real-time.

Delivering exemplary omni-channel experiences requires a strategic re-think. Emerging technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and AI are increasingly receiving strategic investment. The requirement for voice services, however, is expected to decline. In this fast-evolving market, KCOM helps organisations to navigate these changes and to re-imagine the way they interact with their customers to continually deliver business success.

Our partners and accreditations:

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