When a customer, partner or employee engages with a business, it’s important for them to feel recognised as an individual. In parallel, it is crucial to secure customer-facing services and prevent unauthorised users from accessing internal IT systems.

Organisations need a way to easily create and manage the identity of internal and external stakeholders across their entire technology portfolio and all their cloud-based applications.

Equally important is the synchronisation of information across different systems and applications to provide a single source of truth. Especially when permissions, access and control properties are required across thousands of users each time a SaaS (Software as a Service) application is in use.

KCOM can make all of this happen, managing millions of data points that connect organisations’ employees, customers and their external partners.

KCOM's services

KCOM can help to prevent security breaches, increase customer loyalty, improve employee productivity and enhance industry compliance – all through smart identity management.

We operate on a ‘Design, Deliver, Support’ model: we never build a solution and leave our customers to manage it themselves. Our architecture predominately revolves around ‘single sign-on’ that makes the management of access rights, whether from partners, customers or employees, a hassle-free process. This removes time spent accessing each system individually, or any lost productivity through log-ins being lost or out-of-date.

Our identity management service is founded on accountability and ongoing partnerships with industry-leading Identity and Access Management (IAM) providers. Our UK-based technical centres guarantee you can rely on on-going support capabilities when you need them most.

Key benefits:

Our consultative approach means that organisations can be secure and competitive, rather than having to priorities one over the other. We enable our customers to focus instead on driving innovation in their markets.

Fostering trusted relationships with partners and, more importantly, customers is crucial to achieving shared success. KCOM’s Identity Management Services enable organisations to collaborate with partners or grant customers access to their information. All while respecting their privacy and security.

We’re re-imagining technology and business processes to meet the challenges of today’s digital world.

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