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How do I setup email on Mac OS?

Written by KCOM Support on 24/03/2022. Posted in Broadband.

All Apple Mac computers running Mac OS come with Mail, a built-in email client which you can setup your KCOM email account onto.



Something to note

Whilst we have provided these guides to help you get your KCOM email account setup onto as many of your devices as possible, we wouldn't be able to provide support for all devices over the phone if you were to call us.

Setting up Mail

  1. Open Mail by clicking the stamp icon on the dock. This is normally located at the bottom of your screen
  2. Select Mail on the menu bar at the top and then select Accounts from the drop down menu

  3. You now need to choose the type of account you are setting up. Scroll right to the bottom and select Add Other Account

  4. Now select Mail account

  5. A box will appear at the top of the window where you need to fill in the following information:
    • Name: Enter your full name
    • Email address: Enter your full KCOM email address (eg:
    • Password: Enter your KCOM password
    When you have finished, select Sign In.

  6. You will see an error message stating that it was unable to verify account name of password. Some extra boxes will appear allowing you to enter more settings:
    • Email Address: This should already be filled in from before
    • User Name: Enter your full KCOM email address for your username
    • Password: This should already be filled in from before
    • Account type: imap
    • Incoming mail server:
    • Outgoing mail server:
    When you have finished, select Sign In.

  7. If a message pops up saying that your password couldn't be sent securely to, or, just select Continue.

  8. A summary of the details you entered will now show. To get started, just close this window.


You've successfully setup your KCOM email account onto Mail.

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