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My Optical Light is flashing, has gone off or has gone red

If you find that the Optical Light on your Lightstream Fibre ONT (Optical Network Terminal) box is flashing, has gone off or has gone red, this means there may be…


How do I login and check my email using webmail?

Our Webmail service lets you check your KCOM emails no matter where you are in the world. You don't need to register for this service - it's provided free of…


Why do I keep getting disconnected?

If you're having trouble keeping connected to the internet, there could be an issue with either your wireless network, or your router's connection to us.


How do I get the best Wi-Fi signal?

We thought it would be helpful to explain how to get the best Wi-Fi signal in your property, so we've put together this article.


How do I change the wireless name and password on my LightHub Zyxel XMG 3927 router?

To protect your LightHub Zyxel router from being accessed wirelessly by unauthorised users, you can change your wireless password. For a personal touch, you can also change your wireless name.


How do I change my wireless channel?

To change your wireless channel, you first need to log into your router setup. We have a collection of guides that explains how to do this for routers we've provided.


What's an Ethernet cable?

An Ethernet cable, also known as a Cat-6, Cat-5e, Cat-5 and RJ45 cable carries the broadband signals between your router, computer or other devices. The cable comes in different colours…


What is an ONT or CTU?

There are two types of boxes that we attach to your wall during a Lightstream install - one is installed inside your home (called an ONT) and the other is…


My speeds are slow - what can I do?

Over the past few years, streaming services like Sky On Demand, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have become more and more popular. This puts a higher demand on the internet and…


How do I change the wireless channel on a LightHub Zyxel XMG 3927 router?

Your router can broadcast on different wireless channels. If your neighbour's router is using the same channel as you, this can interfere with your signal and cause some problems.

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