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Pricing updates

If you've received an email or letter from us about changes to your account, but aren't sure what this means for you, use our pricing change chatbot.

Pricing change chatbot


Moving home with KCOM

We know how stressful moving can be, so we want to make it as smooth a transition as possible for you.

Moving home

Notify us of a bereavement

We're sorry to hear that you've experienced a bereavement, find out what to do here.

What to do

2023 Pricing Changes FAQ'S

This article contains some frequently asked questions about our latest price changes to help you understand how it affects you.


How do I change my KCOM password?

Your KCOM password is used in three different ways which we explain in this article.


Changing your package

You can change your Lightstream, broadband or telephone package with us at any time and below is all the information you need about how to go about it.


How do I check my bills and manage my account?

You can check your bills and manage your account online by using My Account.


What is my router username and password?

Your main KCOM username and password is sent to you via letter or email when you join us.


Moving Home

We know moving home can be stressful, but here you can find all the information you need to make the move as smooth as possible.


How long is my contract?

Your contract length depends on the type of service you have applied for.


Flex package information

If you receive financial support, our Flex Packages are a simple, low cost way to help you stay in touch with the people important to you.


Updating your account information and payment method

If any of your details have changed, you may need to let us know. We explain how to change most details in this article.


What's my Account Reference Number?

You can find your account reference number either on your paper bill, or online via My Account.