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My phone line has a fault

Sometimes you may find that your phone isn't working as you expect and seems to have a fault. Here are some basic steps you can take to find out what's…


How do I test my broadband or phone in the NTE test socket?

If you're having issues with your speed or connection when using your VDSL or ADSL broadband, or you have an issue with your phoneline such as crackling, you can test…


Preventing scam and nuisance calls

This article provides information about what KCOM are doing to prevent scam and nuisance calls and also ways you can help prevent them.


What does a main telephone socket look like?

The main telephone socket is usually where your telephone line enters your home. If you're living in a new build property, the line coming into your property will most likely…


How do I divert my calls?

If you're out and about visiting friends and family, why not divert your calls so that people can still keep in touch? You can divert calls to almost any phone,…


Your Calling features

This article contains information about some of the features you can add to your phone line.


How much does it cost to have an extra phone socket fitted?

Installation of an additional telephone socket is currently charged at £30 (including VAT). We also charge £60 (including VAT) for the cost of the engineers visit (£90 in total). If…


What is Caller Display?

Caller Display lets you see the number of the person calling you. This means you can decide whether to answer the call or let it go to the answering machine…


What is a battery back-up unit (BBU)?

A battery back-up unit (BBU) may be provided by an engineer when we install your full fibre service.


Do you maintain my internal wiring?

When we refer to internal wiring, we're talking about any wires inside your home that connect to your phone socket, or your devices. This could be wiring for extension phone…