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Is KCOM a monopoly in Hull and East Yorkshire?

It's a question we get asked a lot.


KCOM Pricing List

Here you can find details about prices of our current packages and older services.


Vulnerable and disabled customer support

This article provides information about the services and additional support KCOM can provide to vulnerable and disabled customer.


How do I connect to KCOM Wi-Fi?

If you're a broadband customer, you can connect to KCOM Public Wi-Fi free of charge when you're in range of one of our hotspots.


KCOM Terms and Conditions of Service

This article provides a link to our Legal information.


What time is my appointment?

The time of your appointment depends on which slot it was booked in - AM or PM.


Lasting Power of Attorney

A┬áLasting Power of Attorney ('LPA') is a legal document that lets someone choose one or more trusted people ('Attorney(s)') to make decisions on their behalf either immediately or when…


I'd like to work for KCOM, how do I apply?

That's great news. KCOM have excellent career opportunities.