1. Introduction

KCOM have an obligation to review a dispute submission regards CLI blocking raised by a caller or a third-party CP and remove such where an error exists.

2. Reason for Process

Ofcom General Condition C6.6 requires Communication Providers (CPs), where technically feasible, to take all reasonable steps to identify calls in relation to which invalid or non-diallable CLI data is provided and prevent those calls from being connected to the called party.

KCOM screens incoming calls on a call by call basis (in real-time) that have found their way onto the KCOM network. Where the origination CLI data is invalid or there are indicators of nuisance call activity, KCOM stop or block the call from being connected to the called party [1]. The caller will be provided with a network announcement (free to caller) advising their call has been blocked. Where a CP is blocking calls, there is a requirement under the Ofcom CLI Guidelines to detail a dispute resolution process.

KCOM recognizes it is possible that some legitimate calls may be blocked when they should not be and this impacts callers and our customers.  This process details how a caller or a third-party CP can challenge KCOM where they think calls have been blocked in error.

3. Responsibilities

The people to whom this process applies and their main responsibilities are:

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Applies to Responsibilities
Disputing Party (caller or third-party CP) Provide relevant details of issue (originating CLI, dates and times of call attempts) and reasons why call blocking should not be applied by KCOM.
KCOM Nuisance Call Team Determine the call blocking CLIs and maintain records for the reasons for applying such.
KCOM Numbering Team Investigation of a dispute, make a judgement on available information or request additional information, respond to the Disputing Party within 2 working days and reversing any blocking deemed to have been applied in error.
Wholesale Product Architect Oversee all dispute responses, deal with escalations, ensure response rates are maintained and undertake process reviews.

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4. Dispute Notification

4.1 Requested Information

The Disputing Party is requested to provide as much detail as possible for KCOM’s consideration. Ideally this should include:

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Applies to Responsibilities
Calling Party Number

The telephone number that the caller is using to make / originate calls from.

CLI Restricted Y/N

If known, whether the Calling Party Number is withheld.

Presentation Number

If known, the telephone number that is offered to be presented to the called party. The Calling Party Number and Presentation Number can be the same or they can be different.

Called Number(s)

The telephone number (on the KCOM network) that the caller is trying to contact.

Date(s) and Time(s)

Date and time of the call attempts.

Dispute Reason

Please provide information why you believe the call blocking is in dispute / inappropriate.

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4.2 Contacts

The Disputing Party should make a written dispute submission and send via email to:

KCOM Numbering Team

Email: numbering@kcom.com

Contact telephone number (if required or urgent): 01482 248781

If you would prefer to make your dispute submission by post, then please send to:

KCOM Numbering, 37 Carr Lane, Hull, HU1 3RE.

4.3 Escalation Contact

If KCOM fail to respond within two working days, please escalate to Adrian Fryatt, Core Services Team Leader.  Email: adrian.fryatt@kcom.com.  Telephone: 0800 702 2000 Option 3.

5. Performance Measures

On receipt of a dispute, KCOM’s target is to respond within 2 working days. If after 2 working days the Disputing Party has not received a response then please escalate. In the event of an urgent dispute that the Disputing Party believes is causing a major / critical impact then please make a telephone call highlighted such with your submission or escalate immediately.

[1] The called party in the case being a KCOM connected customer line, no blocking is applied where an EA is the called party.


Download the Call Blocking Dispute Process PDF here.

Please note: Any references to ‘Kingston’, ‘KCH’, ‘KCL’ or ‘KCOM Group PLC’ in this section relate to KCOM Group Limited