KCOM is actively working towards increasing the accessibility and usability of its websites for disabled users. In doing so, it is acting in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 2005.

Some of our pages from legacy sites, or those developed and maintained by 3rd parties, might not currently conform to these standards.

Access keys

Most browsers support jumping to specific links by typing keys defined on the website. On Windows, you can press ALT + an access key; on Macintosh, you can press Control + an access key.

All pages on this site define the following access keys:

  • Access key 1 - Homepage
  • Access key 2 - Skip navigation
  • Access key 3 - Site map
  • Access key 4 - Search
  • Access key 6 - Cookie use policy
  • Access key 7 - Privacy policy
  • Access key 8 - Terms of use
  • Access key 9 - Contact us
  • Access key 0 - Accessibility statement
  • Access key b - Our brands
  • Access key m - Media centre
  • Access key h - Our History
  • Access key g - Governance
  • Access key u - Our Customers
  • Access key p - Our People
  • Access key c - Our Community
  • Access key n - Environment

Standards compliance

We are presently working towards W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines AA compliance, following all priority 1 and 2 guidelines. 

  1. All pages on this site validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  2. All pages on this site use structured semantic markup.


  1. Many of the links have been given title attributes which describe the link in greater detail, unless the text of the link already describes the target.


  1. All content images in this site include descriptive ALT attributes. Purely decorative graphics include null ALT attributes.
  2. Complex images include LONGDESC attributes or inline description to explain the significance of each image to non-visual readers.

Visual design

  1. This site uses cascading style sheets for visual layout.
  2. This site uses only relative font sizes which are compatible with the user-specified "text size" option in visual browsers.
  3. If your browser or browsing device does not support stylesheets at all, the content of each page is still readable.

Further information

If you would like further information about our accessibility statement or if you are experiencing problems accessing the KCOM Group Limited website, please contact the webmaster@kcom.com.