Expressions of Interest – Wholesale FibreLine Local Access (WFLLA) and Accommodation Services

Our Statement of Requirements (SoR) process sets how Communications Providers (CPs) can make requests for new forms of network access. Contained within this document are the process steps that we undertake to help us to understand the type of wholesale service(s) that one or more CPs require and to assist with that we engage in an initial discussion phase. This early phase is used to both assist and inform the prospective formulation of a Draft SoR, or otherwise to help in the development of Wholesale Reference Offers (WROs). We also use this phase to highlight the case for joint development with other CPs.

Working with CPs we have developed a number of new draft wholesale fibre products (WROs). One of these is the WFLLA which requires CPs to also take our Accommodation Services product. The details of these two draft offers can be found here. Our draft Accommodation Services product is a co-location services that allows CPs to install network equipment in designated space in one or more of our Next Generation Access exchanges (i.e. A WFLLA Sites). We are in the process of finalising the WROs and associated services (including the Accommodation Services product) and have received an initial expression of interest from a CP for us to develop co-location space for them in accordance with the draft Accommodation Services product. However, given the costs of constructing accommodation space we consider it appropriate to highlight this initial interest and in the event that there are other CPs that might be interested in utilising our Accommodation Services to deliver fibre-based broadband services in the Hull Area. As such, we are offering the opportunity to establish a Joint Development Working Group (JDWG) to review how build costs could be shared, and to further inform the finalisation of our accommodation product. We expect to publish that before the end of the year.

Please send any indications of interest to – please highlight any information you supply that you consider to be commercially confidential.

Please note: Any references to "Kingston" or "KCH" or "KCL" or "KCOM Group PLC" in this section relate to KCOM Group Limited.