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Strategic IT Developments

IT development: Industry workshops

  • Further to the Industry Workshop held on 29th July 2020, please see attached presented slides
  • Further to the Industry Workshop held on 24th April 2020, please see attached presented slides
  • Further to the Industry Workshop held on 23rd January in Carr Lane, Hull we thank you for a productive session and attach
    the slides that were presented. We will be incorporating the output from this session into our development and have opened a portal for you to both review ideas submitted and track updates.

  • The output of the interactive sessions  is available at: . In using this link you will be able to view ideas submitted on the day. For each idea in which you are interested please use the portal to subscribe for updates.
    If any issues are experienced in accessing the portal please contact

  • For those unable to join the workshop please review the slides and take the opportunity to feed in your ideas into the portal. We welcome ongoing engagement with the developments either in the public forum or privately. If you desire individual meetings please contact your account manager or

New Products

Ancillary Services

Date 11/02/22

On 28 October 2021 Ofcom published a statement confirming the obligations applying to KCOM from 1 November 2021 in respect of the provision of various wholesale services. As required by Ofcom, KCOM is working to develop and launch:

  • a revised Wholesale FibreLine Local Access (WFLLA) product, which will offer connectivity either in exchanges or to a CP point of presence anywhere in the Hull Area and
  • a Dark Fibre Access product

These services will be made available from 1 May 2022 and 1 August 2022 respectively.

As an interim step and in order to meet customer requirements, we are publishing a new agreement covering the provision of:

  • Co-Location Services,
  • Exterior Cable Connect and
  • Internal Cable Connect.

These services, known as Ancillary Services will be available to order from 11th March 2022 and will provide connectivity within KCOM Exchanges to support a number of products.

They will be available to be used as connectivity options for the revised WFLLA Reference Offer and the Dark Fibre Access Reference Offer when they are launched. 

If you would like to know more about these services, please contact your Account Team at

Please note: Any references to "Kingston" or "KCH" or "KCL" or "KCOM Group PLC" in this section relate to KCOM Group Limited.