Wholesale SIP Trunking is an IP-based voice solution delivered using SIP technology over the internet.  It is made up of a number of SIP channels which is dependent on the number of simultaneous calls required. The service is delivered to your end business customers premises using KCOMs Fibre Connect or Direct Internet Access products. We also provide compatibility with most leading PBX systems so any business with an existing telephone system can switch to using our service immediately. Number Portability and allocation of geographic numbers  (01482 range), can also be requested.

Key features

  • SIP Trunking enables phone line and Private Branch Exchange (PBX) estate rationalisation and is tested to interface perfectly with most PBXs.
  • It delivers business-grade voice and internet convergence. Local calls stay ‘on net’,
    i.e. routed internally via KCOM’s Hull and East Yorkshire network. National and
    international calls are routed via’s KCOM carrier grade network to other providers
    outside the region.
  • We are directly connected to all major UK carriers (such as BT and Vodafone)both
    TDM and IP, ensuring the voice resilience you would expect from a major UK carrier.
  • It provides Port Multi-line and Number Allocation, with new numbers allocated from a pool of 01482 numbers.
  • An optional calls package provides inclusive 01, 02, 03 and UK mobile minutes.

Contact the sales team at: wholesalesales@kcom.com