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Broadband speeds are based on the length of your telephone line and the distance your premise is from the telephone exchange. The speed range we provide is an estimate based on these factors. Average speeds are based on actual access line speeds within your business postcode area.

The actual speed you receive can be influenced by a number of factors, such as: connecting wirelessly; the wiring within your premise; the devices you are using; and the website or services you're connecting to.

Your service can also be affected during peak times.

In accordance with the Ofcom Voluntary Business Broadband Code of Practice, you have the right to cancel your contract without penalty if you receive speeds significantly lower than the minimum guaranteed and we have been unable to resolve the issue within a reasonable period. Therefore, it's important that you alert us about any issues that you experience with speeds by contacting our Technical Support team on 01482 602161.

What is the Ofcom Voluntary Code of Practice for broadband speeds

We've signed up to Ofcom's Voluntary Code of Practice to ensure that we are open and honest about the level of service our customers can receive. Read the code of practice in full.

The code means we promise to give you the following information when you buy broadband from us:

  • Broadband speed estimates for standard broadband and fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) fibre connections are based on the length of your telephone line and where you live in relation to a telephone exchange
  • The speed range we provide is an estimate
  • The actual speed you receive can be influenced by a number of factors such as connecting wirelessly, the wiring within your premises, the devices you are using, and the website or services you are connecting to.
  • Broadband speeds can be affected during peak periods. You may experience slower speeds during these times. If at any time you don't receive the minimum connection speed you should, please report it to our Technical Support team.
  • If you receive speeds significantly below the minimum speed we've quoted and we're unable to resolve the problem within a reasonable period, you can cancel your contract at any time with no termination fees.

My speeds are slow - what can I do?

Over the past few years, streaming services like video conferencing on apps such as Skype for Business have become more and more popular. Companies are also required to store more data for longer periods of time, and more processes are becoming digital. This puts a higher demand on the internet and the speeds offered. Unlike in some areas of the country, connections have got faster here in the Hull area, and with Lightstream becoming available to many more customers, we're offering the best fibre to the premises service in the country.

Unfortunately, some of us aren't getting the speeds we should be and this can be for several reasons. Depending on how far your premises are from your local telephone exchange, your internet connection might not be able to be improved. However, if our broadband speed checker says you should be getting faster than what you are (on a hardwired connection), there are a few checks you can do yourself to try and improve your internet speeds.

Please call our Technical Support Team on 01482 602161 for more information.

How do I check my internet speed?

To check your internet connection speed, we recommend connecting to your router with an Ethernet cable and then going to

We recommend doing this over an Ethernet cable because it will give you a true result of what speed you should be receiving. Doing this over WiFi can be affected by interference. 

Running the speed test will tell you your download speed, upload speed which you can compare to the minimum and maximum speed we quote for your area on the speed checker.

If the speed is lower than it should be, please contact our Technical Support Team on 01482 602161 who will complete a full investigation into the speeds you are receiving.