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Call tariffs and packages

Choose from standard voice or high-performance Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines, or even the latest SIP Trunking technology allowing for more flexibility by making calls over the internet. Our most popular phone packages are below, but if you require a customised setup, just get in touch.

Business basic tariff

Local calls
  • > Call connection fee - 30p
  • > Pence per minute - 30p
National calls
  • > Call connection fee - 30p
  • > Pence per minute - 30p
Mobile calls
  • > Call connection fee - 30p
  • > Pence per minute - 30p

£20 per month

Business essential add-on

Local calls
  • > Call connection fee - Free
  • > Pence per minute - Free
National calls
  • > Call connection fee - Free
  • > Pence per minute - Free
Mobile calls
  • > Call connection fee - Free
  • > Pence per minute - Free

£25 per month

How a KCOM phone line will benefit your business:

Seamless migration

Transfer existing lines without disruption


A highly resilient service with an inclusive care package


Upgrade features and add lines as your business grows

Bolt-ons tailored to your business

Call recording

Enhance your phone service with the security of our call recording bolt-on. It automatically captures every phone conversation that takes place within your organisation.

Call routing

Never miss a call again with our smart routing bolt-on. Our routing service automatically directs inbound traffic to any other number of your choice, whenever required.

Business numbers

Build national or local presence using our Business Numbers bolt-on. Also known as NTS numbers, they give your business a professional image and recognisable identity. As an example, a local business might use a National Rate number to portray a national presence, whereas national organisations could apply Local Rate numbers to cut call costs to the customer.

Ready to supercharge your business?

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KCOM takes privacy seriously. The personal data we collect, the way in which we will collect it and how we use that personal data will depend on the reason for which we have gathered it in the first place. For more information on how we will use personal data, please view our privacy notice.