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In business, you’ve got to evolve and change with the times.

That’s why, since starting Drunk Animal Creative Studio a decade ago, owner Calvin Innes has always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible – and used the latest techniques and technology to make it happen.

As well as providing the stock-in-trade services of any high-end marketing firm – web design, brand and social media management, illustration, video, copywriting, PR and photography – Drunk Animal has also added a very 21st century string to its bow.

“We call it immersive and experiential marketing; it’s about getting a reaction – whether that’s making people happy or even shocked,” says Calvin.

“The work we do is about giving people an experience. It’s all about making the audience interact with what you’re doing. That’s what leaves a lasting impression.”

So far Drunk Animal has created attention grabbing, immersive experiences such as building a race track around Princes Quay Shopping Centre and flooding a city centre with temporary graffiti to publicise a university – courting controversy but also bringing major publicity and an uplift in applications for its client.

But with big clients and big jobs, the need for effective business tools becomes essential.

That’s why Drunk Animal relies on Lightstream full fibre broadband to make sure it can respond quickly and effectively.

Drunk Animal’s 10 employees, based in a newly converted east Hull warehouse, use Lightstream’s ultrafast speeds and unlimited data to liaise with clients on a daily basis.

“Good broadband is vital to what we do,” says Calvin.

“Although we always meet clients in person initially, after that a lot of our meetings, project management and progress reports are done online – so we have to have good broadband to make that possible and provide a professional service.

“A lot of the time we’ll be sending big design files over that are two to three gigabytes each – and we can be doing that 50 times a week. Having Lightstream means we can send files quickly without any problems and then be getting on with the next job.

“On top of that we have Skype calls, Google Hangout meetings and all the staff help take care of the social media channels so they need to be connected to that.

“We’re probably sending out 100 gigabytes of stuff every day - and receiving the same amount back from clients. Without Lightstream that simply wouldn’t be possible.”