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Paul Clarke’s business relies heavily on its broadband connection.

EU Editorial provides compelling content for business publications across complex subjects such as government legislation, transport, trade, health and safety and the environment – all of which requires a lot of online research.

Paul, who started his business working from his East Yorkshire home in 2001, says his ultrafast Lightstream connection enables him to stay up-to-date with information coming from the UK and Europe and provide his readers with the latest news.

He said: “Without my broadband connection I basically wouldn’t have a business, it’s pretty essential to what I do and in 19 years KCOM have never let me down.”

Using a 250Mbps Lightstream package with unlimited data Paul is able to read and download official documents, check emails, surf online and upload his finished articles to his publishers without any delays or buffering.

He said: “Right from the get-go of setting up, what I needed was access to official publications on the internet. The great majority of what I do is look at government and European legislation and reports - and the only way I could access them is online.

“I’m reliant on being able to send articles quickly because a lot of what I write has a shelf life. If it’s written today, sent today and if publishers can put it on their website today then we’ve hit the jackpot. That’s why I need fast, reliable internet access.

“I switched to Lightstream a few years ago and it’s been ideal. Pretty much every aspect of my business is online. My research is online, I send my articles online, I invoice online and I get paid online – so, for me, everything relies on my broadband working. Lightstream makes that all possible.”