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In the old days it would be quicker to burn images to a disc and deliver them in person to a client’s office than to email them over.

That was then, this is now, and technology has moved on leaps and bounds for East Yorkshire-based commercial photographers R&R Studio.

With the need to send large picture and video files to clients across the region on a daily basis, R&R needs a fast, reliable, broadband connection that won’t let them down, says owner Paul Edgar.

“Back then, it was genuinely faster to physically drive around to a client’s business,” says Paul, who’s been a professional photographer for two decades.

“Now, as soon as I click send on the file I can ring up the client and I know that by the time they’ve answered the phone the images will be there for them to see.”

Business partner Jack Harland, said:  “The priority for us is a really fast upload speed because, as photographers, we can be sending files as big as three or four gigabytes per job. They’re huge files, but I know on Lightstream they can be sent within seconds.

“Technology just makes everything so much quicker and means we can be getting on with other things. A job that would take a day before can now be done in an hour. It makes us more efficient.”

Since moving into new state-of-the-art premises earlier this year, R&R has been making the most of its unlimited data Pro 500 full fibre package that delivers 500Mbps download and 250Mbps upload speeds.

And with a client list that includes a roster of household names and everything from packaging, hospitality and haulage firms to high end food producers, R&R needs to provide quality photography and corporate videography quickly and professionally.

To get ahead of the game with KCOM’s award-winning broadband, R&R Studio used the Government’s Gigabit Voucher Scheme to pay for the installation of Lightstream.

“It was great,” says Paul. “I couldn’t fault the guys who came and installed it. It was all done seamlessly and when they said it would be done. It was ready to go on the day we moved into our new building.

“I’d definitely recommend it. It’s not often you get free money from the Government, so it’s well worth looking into.”

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